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Reward excellence and reinforce culture with public
praise tied to the company values.

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“Effortless to use & the team adoption is sky-high”

Plai has helped us to align all the company around common Objectives, increase transparency, engagement, and visibility. It's effortless to use, and the team adoption is sky-high. Plai also helped us encourage regular and constructive peer-to-peer feedback. We feel that Plai aligns with our values of freedom and responsibility, continuous learning, and transparency.

Dima Kovalenko
Co-founder & CEO at Uptech
Uptech testimonial Plai

“Plai puts us first”

I like that Plai puts clients first and meet our needs with tremendous speed. 360 Review assessment enables us to cover employees' performance areas in one place along with OKRs block, which is done perfectly. Employees appreciate the well-designed UI/UX of the tool.

Yuliya Pupysheva
HR Business Partner at BetterMe
BetterMe testimonial Plai

“Easy-to-use, effective and youthful tool to implement OKRs”

We were looking for an easy-to-use, effective and youthful tool to implement OKRs across our 40-member team and chanced upon Plai. It's now been a month we've put it to use and everyone's loving it.

TK Chuah
CEO & Founder at Boostorder
Boostorder testimonial Plai

“Plai works great for our company”

We went with Plai after the first demo, didn't even need to see anything else. I have had a great experience, easy to use, works great for our company and can't wait for even more features to use.

Ryan Wenk
People & Operations Manager at Altruist
Altruist testimonial Plai

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Build a strong team culture with praise

Share timely recognition

Create and share praise in a few simple steps

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Praise dashboard software

Celebrate praise in public

Praise is most effective when it's public. Let everyone see the most prominent achievements with the company and team dashboard.

Live your company values

Reinforce your company culture with praise tied to your organizational values.

Praise software
Posting praise to the Slack

Encourage engagement
with Slack

Post praise to the Slack channel and let everyone support and celebrate with reactions.

Inspire healthy competition with a leaderboard

Monitor leaderboard of the top praise givers and receivers, as well as top values. See who's top performers.

Monitor leaderboard

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