Celebrate wins with
public praise

Reward excellence and reinforce culture with public
praise tied to the company values.

Build a strong team culture with praise

Share timely recognition

Create and share praise in a few simple steps

Celebrate praise in public

Praise is most effective when it's public. Let everyone see the most prominent achievements with the company and team dashboard.

Live your company values

Reinforce your company culture with praise tied to your organizational values.

Encourage engagement
with Slack

Post praise to the Slack channel and let everyone support and celebrate with reactions.

Inspire healthy competition with a leaderboard

Monitor leaderboard of the top praise givers and receivers, as well as top values. See who's top performers.

Create a strong team with One-on-Ones

Develop trusting relationships with better 1-on-1 meetings collaborating on agenda and notes every week

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Inspire growth with effective reviews

Conduct effortless employee-centered 360° feedback and performance reviews

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Celebrate wins with praise

Reward excellence and reinforce company culture with public praise

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Create a feedback culture

Help your team grow with regular constructive feedback

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Learn the best practices

Smart tips, timely reminders, and templates to help you built better relationships at work

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