Weekly One-on-One meeting template

Great one-on-one meeting agenda for the first 1-on-1 with new team members. Establish the groundwork for a trusting relationship.

Meeting agenda template

Talking points

  • How's life? What are some highlights and lowlights of the past weeks?
  • What's top of your mind? What would you like to talk about first of all?
  • How's the ____ goal/problem/opportunity that we discussed last week going? Any blockers/challenges?
  • What is the best accomplishment you had recently? Do you feel appreciated for it?
  • How can I help you to work more effectively/make the work more satisfying?
  • Which areas would you like more or less support/feedback from me on your work?
  • Anything else you'd like to talk about today?

Weekly One-on-One template in Plai

Use this template in Plai. Save time, boost your productivity, never lose track of a follow-up action item again. Be prepared and have better, more meaningful conversations with your team. They will thank you! ❤️